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Hello, welcome and thank you for visiting! I have been Commissioned for weddings professionally full time since 1999 and have photographed more than 400 to date! Wow, I can hardly believe that! I guess that makes my experience hard to find virtually anywhere! I'm not saying that's why you should consider a Commission with me as much as I'm saying I really can't believe I've documented that many families (800+!). Through my Commissions I have created thousands of photographs and memories of immeasurable value, to both myself and the families whose lives I've been blessed to be a part of over the years. Photography has changed a lot from my introduction to it with film, but the idea behind the Wedding Commissions I began over 20 years ago is the same. I always strive to produce work that you want to hang in your home and be excited to show your guests. A friend of mine told me years ago when I started, we are lucky to have the gifts we are blessed with and should be compelled to share them with others. This has become my life's work. When I begin a Commission day...there is no formula, there is no script (except for the coordinators!) and ultimately there always seem to be images given to us through our Commissions that become those priceless moments of life we all want to have and look back upon. Those looks that only you may know, you can see it all over our website..Please Go to our Contact Us Page and send me an inquiry! Thank you for taking the time to read/view/visit my website and I hope to hear from you soon! Congratulations!

David Bates

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